How to Get Back with an Ex – Overcoming the Rebound Relationship

Published: 17th January 2009
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It's tough enough if you're wondering how to get back with an ex, but it's even harder when your ex is dating someone new. Especially if you're still in love with your ex. How can you possibly get them back if they're involved with someone else?

Here's some good news. If your ex started dating someone else right after your breakup, it usually means he or she is still in love with you. This "rebound relationship" is simply a way of distracting themselves from their true feelings. And almost all relationships based on real love can be salvaged--no matter how tough the breakup.

Your ex's new relationship probably gives your ex something your old relationship lacked. This means your ex is still thinking about you even when they're with their new partner. And this allows you to see exactly what they need from you. This is a good time to work on yourself.

Here's how to get back with an ex. Leave them alone for while! Yes, whatever you do, don't beg your ex to come back. It's very important to give him or her time and space. This is the only way that your ex will begin to miss the positive things about your old relationship. Soon your ex will start to see the flaws in his or her new flame and turn back to you.

Hopefully, by this time, you'll have worked on improving yourself. But you don't need to apologize for who you are. After all, that's who your ex fell in love with in the first place.

This is a basic outline of what you need to do to get your ex back if they're seeing a new person. But there are many more techniques and strategies you can use to reignite the passion you once had. You can find them all in a book called "The Magic of Making Up". It's full of great advice about relationship problems just like the one you're going through now.

The amazing thing about "The Magic of Making Up" is how often it defies common sense. In other words, what often feels like the right thing to do in a relationship is exactly the wrong thing to do. That's why so many relationships don't last. You can get your ex back. But you need to know exactly how to act and exactly what to say.

So if you're wondering how to get back with an ex, "The Magic of Making Up" is a great place to start. It gives advice you won't hear or read about anywhere else. It's very unconventional. But it's worked for thousands of people and can probably help you too.
Discover more strategies and techniques for getting back together with your ex at The Magic of Making Up, a great resource for all kinds of relationships problems.

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