Scalp Med Hair Treatment Review

Published: 15th April 2009
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The typical Scalp Med hair treatment review asks "does Scalp Med work?" But that's not the real issue. Any hair loss treatment that contains minoxidil will work. The real question is, "is Scalp Med worth the extra cost?"

After all, you can just buy minoxidil alone--it's cheaper than Scalp Med. Many users say that Scalp Med works better than minoxidil alone--which isn't surprising considering that Scalp Med contains many extra nutrients, vitamins, and moisturizers.

The following are a couple of typical comments found on a forum dedicated to hair loss treatment for men:

"Hi all. I have been on Scalp Med for 6 months now and it's working very well. I have tried Rogain and others with little result and didn't like the feel of them. Scalp Med is the real deal and yes it has minoxidil, however, there is more to it than that. I have about 35% more hair all over my head now and am thrilled. I use it once a day at night before bed and wash it out in the morning. "

"Since I have been using Scalp Med, I've noticed improvement in my hair loss and slight re-growth. Nonetheless, I cannot definitively tell if the result is better than what I would be getting if I could tolerate using generic Minoxidil/Rogaine. However, I do believe that I am noticing better and faster results than when I used Rogaine. I am not sure if the results are worth the significantly higher price for Scalp Med, though."

I think the question of whether Scalp Med is worth the extra cost totally depends upon the individual. Some people will get great results. Others might not get the results they want. No hair loss remedy works the same for everybody. We all have different chemical make-ups.

Nevertheless, Scalp Med is a not some kind of scam. It's a powerful hair loss treatment that's been created to maximize the strengths of minoxidil while reducing its weaknesses, namely itchy scalp and dandruff. As with all hair loss treatments, you just have to give it a try to see if it's for you.

If you're interested in finding out more about Scalp Med-it's ingredients, how it works, where to buy it-please visit Scalp Med. Thanks for reading this Scalp Med review.

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